Interview Tips for Recruiters

Job interview lays a very crucial art in our career development as we climb the success stairs of our career. Preparing for a job interview is a nail biting experience for both interviewee and the interviewer. It can be an off-putting experience for both parties if anyone of the party comes unprepared.

Most of us ignore the importance of an interview for the recruiters. They are making a very important decision of adding a new resource in the company’s talent pool. Their one wrong decision can not only affect the concerned team, but also the reputation of the entire organization.

Therefore, before the interview,the  recruiter must prepare themselves to get the best hire.

Prepare your questions:before the interview, arrange a proper list of questions which you should ask to assess the talent of the interviewee. The interview is a two way road. So be prepared to hear their point of view too. Arrange questions in a way that helps you to understand their skills at best. Be cautious in the question answer session as you don’t want to offend the interviewee with anything that can lead to possible job discrimination. Religious beliefs, marital status, family background are irrelevant and are considered off limits. You can touch lighter topics to indulge them in small talks, but nothing which can make the candidates conscious of their work-life balance situation.

 Deal with technological barriers: If you are conducting a video job interview then you should check the technology first so that it may not cause any disturbance in the interview process. Check the voice quality so that it may not happen that when the potential employee is talking about his career achievements, you miss their voice.

 Understand what you are expecting from the candidate:

Being the recruiter, it is important for you to understand the job position you are intervening for. Be prepared to answer the questions posed by the candidates, as candidates will also appear with some questions in mind. Being the recruiter you should be well versed with the job requirements so that you may clear the existing ambiguities in the client’s head. Explain well how this company and job position can help them in their prospects for career development and advancement.  According to Lou Adler, “An unprofessional recruiter is someone who doesn’t know the job they’re representing, doesn’t personally know the hiring manager, and doesn’t have deep industry knowledge.”

Lastly, good research will help you find the best hire. However, if you went unprepared to interview the candidate, you wouldn’t get yourself on the favourable site to assess the talent of the candidate. Therefore, it is important for you to prepare some good questions; overcoming the technological barriers and having a complete understanding of the job description will help you evaluate the candidates properly.