How to dress for an Interview?

The outfit you wear to an interview builds an image or observation on how you are, so choosing your attireof the day is something which makes the first impression strong. Yes, your communication skills and the intelligence level are also important but the clothes you are the first to say about your persona(Remember, the first impression is the last impression).

Are you clueless about what to wearon the upcoming interview to make the right impression?Let us make your life easier by presenting you industry based interview outfit guide-

For a corporate job:

If you are applying for a corporate job likeSales, Marketing, Law Firm, Real Estate, Public Relations, and Account Executive etc.,consider the following points-

Switch to classic pieces like ashift dress, blazer & a pair of comfortable heels. Keep yourmakeup less, hair combed neatly. A smart blazer, when worn with simple tunic and trouser can be the key to success. The colours you opt should be conservative and footwear, smart enough to carry your ultimate appearance.

For a fashion-related job

If you are interviewing for a fashion-related job like fashion writer or editor, buyer, designer, stylist etc. -you want to look professional whereas trendy too.The attire you wear should be trendy but dependenton the job-type you are being interviewed for. So keep itsimple and let your look sparklewearing smartaccessories. To conclude, your clothes should not be distracting as obviously, youwould like people to say- You are looking well-dressedand presentable not having a conversation on your expensive and super trendy dress.

Fora tech/startup job

If you are interviewing for startup job like Engineer, ITCoder, Communications, Product Manageretc.For a tech or startup job, a smartly tailoredpair of dark jeans isthe best pick but keep your overall look sophisticated. Nowadays, major no. of start-upsareadopting a very friendlyenvironment, so avoid being overdressed. Picka smart blouse and dark toned denimand accessorize wisely.

For Creative job

If you are applying for a job which falls in the creative category like Graphic Designer, Art Director,Film, Writer, Editor. Consider the following points-

Yes, of course, you need to dress up smartly but do not put emphasize on trend, also, don’t need to get dressed in a suit too.Be at ease and try the interview attire once before the interview-day in order to know how your outfit reacts in different situations.Do not go for peep-toes;instead opt for the closed-toe pump ones. Pants should be dark coloured jeans or black onesand keep your accessories minimal.

Fora finance job

If you are interviewing for afinance job like Research Analyst, Banking, Insurance, Stock Analyst, Consulting, and Accounting, consider the following points:

Asfinance section has not much changed, so keep it professional. Wear a dark-hued pant suit or skirt suit, soft toned blouse and accessories need to be simple.Do not go for patterned or colourful tights, pumps should not be higher than 3 inches and open-toed.

When you dress right in the interview, you increase your chancesof getting hired.Keep these smart tips in yournotice. Look confident and the win is yours. Good luck :)