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11 Tips & Tricks for Interview Preparation

The interview preparations can be divided in two parts, i.e. pre-interview Preparations and Preparations for facing an interview.

Pre-interview Preparation Tips

In this section we shall provide you a few tips to make yourself prepared well before the interview.

  • Do a Research About Your Job Profile/Employer: It’s advisable to do a research about your job profile and Employer, before going for an interview. Visit the website of the company to which, you are going for an interview and note down the key details about the organization and the job profile you have applied for. It will be really useful for your interview.
  • Conduct a Mock Interview Yourself: If possible, go for a mock interview, you can practice it yourself in front of a mirror or with a friend, etc. Prepare a set of questions you are expecting or the common interview questions available on websites and practice to answer these questions.
  • Review the Resume: An interviewer usually asks questions based on what is written in your resume, hence, review your resume once, and be prepared to answer any questions based on your resume. You may also find a point or two for elimination or addition. Also avoid spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.
  • Get Your Things Ready a Day Before: It’s wise to get your entire things ready a day before Interview. It can impact your mood and confidence for the interview, if you waste your time searching the things around same day. To avoid the chaos, place your resume and documents in your bag, get your clothes ironed and shoes ready at night, and understand the route of the venue.
  • Dress for the Occasion: Dress yourself as per the organization culture and your job profile. The formals are the first choice for an office interview. Wear well fitted, clean, and ironed clothes. Use mouthwash, but avoid cigarette, chewing gum, or meal just before an interview.
  • Be Punctual: Understand the route in advance and reach the venue, at least half an hour before the interview. It will help you get adjusted to the settings and environment, which in turn, reduces your anxiety. You can even have a chat with the staff and get an idea about interview schedule, etc.

Tips to Prepare for an Interview
This section will tell you about a few vital tips to be followed for facing an interview.

  • Keep a Pleasant look on Face: Who doesn’t like a well-dressed person with a pleasant smile on face. Hence, try to keep a pleasant and confident look on your face, while you enter the room and greet the interviewers. Try to hold a pleasant look throughout the interview. It looks a tiny thing, but can certainly score, when it comes to impressing an interviewer.
  • Be Confident: It’s quite obvious that you will be a bit nervous. However, the key is how you handle it smartly and pretend to look confident in front of interviewers. If you don’t have an answer, admit it politely, but, don’t let it play on your mind to destroy your concentration and confidence for the rest of the interview. Remember, no interview or job is the last one of the world. So, don’t let the ‘Rejection fear’ take over your confidence.
  • Control bad habits: Try to curve the habits showing your anxiety and nervousness, i.e. playing with a pen or object, looking around, changing postures, movement of hands, and swallowing saliva, etc. An interviewer closely monitors your body language to check your confidence level. Be calm, keep eye contact, and sit up in straight posture with hands still and feet firmly grounded.
  • Ask Questions: You may be told to ask questions about the company, in that case ask questions which show your interest in the job, i.e. things about your job profile or responsibilities, etc. You can even voluntarily ask a question if you have any.
  • Be generous, say thanks: Last but not the least, at the end of your interview, say thanks to the interviewers for inviting you for an interview and being patient with you during the interview, as general courtesy. It leaves a good impression, as it’s not the common practice.

Finally, an interview can be a turning point in your career; hence, if you do a proper homework and practice above things constantly, your interview success rate will certainly boost drastically.

Interview Tips for Recruiters

Job interview lays a very crucial art in our career development as we climb the success stairs of our career. Preparing for a job interview is a nail biting experience for both interviewee and the interviewer. It can be an off-putting experience for both parties if anyone of the party comes unprepared.

Most of us ignore the importance of an interview for the recruiters. They are making a very important decision of adding a new resource in the company’s talent pool. Their one wrong decision can not only affect the concerned team, but also the reputation of the entire organization.

Therefore, before the interview,the  recruiter must prepare themselves to get the best hire.

Prepare your questions:before the interview, arrange a proper list of questions which you should ask to assess the talent of the interviewee. The interview is a two way road. So be prepared to hear their point of view too. Arrange questions in a way that helps you to understand their skills at best. Be cautious in the question answer session as you don’t want to offend the interviewee with anything that can lead to possible job discrimination. Religious beliefs, marital status, family background are irrelevant and are considered off limits. You can touch lighter topics to indulge them in small talks, but nothing which can make the candidates conscious of their work-life balance situation.

 Deal with technological barriers: If you are conducting a video job interview then you should check the technology first so that it may not cause any disturbance in the interview process. Check the voice quality so that it may not happen that when the potential employee is talking about his career achievements, you miss their voice.

 Understand what you are expecting from the candidate:

Being the recruiter, it is important for you to understand the job position you are intervening for. Be prepared to answer the questions posed by the candidates, as candidates will also appear with some questions in mind. Being the recruiter you should be well versed with the job requirements so that you may clear the existing ambiguities in the client’s head. Explain well how this company and job position can help them in their prospects for career development and advancement.  According to Lou Adler, “An unprofessional recruiter is someone who doesn’t know the job they’re representing, doesn’t personally know the hiring manager, and doesn’t have deep industry knowledge.”

Lastly, good research will help you find the best hire. However, if you went unprepared to interview the candidate, you wouldn’t get yourself on the favourable site to assess the talent of the candidate. Therefore, it is important for you to prepare some good questions; overcoming the technological barriers and having a complete understanding of the job description will help you evaluate the candidates properly.

5 Questions to Answer before a Job Interview

For most people, making a decision for a job is not an easy task. Whether the decision is about navigating yourself into the corporate world for the first time or about changing your career, there are a number of things to consider before making a final decision for yourself. Below are a few questions that you should ask yourself before going for a job interview.

1 – Are you ready to wake up and leave for job every day?

There are so many people who wake up every day and leave for their job which they have been doing for the last 20-30 years. The reason is simple; they love their job.

When you know that you are passionate about doing something that will make you happy, your work will never bestressful for you. So think beforehand about the job that you are planning for and if it has the potential that you seek, then do your best in the interview.

2 – Is this job a temporary solution for you or is this a place to build a career?

You need to make up your mind about whether this job is going to help you build a career path or if it is only going to pay for your utility bills. Knowing the answer to this before a job interview is important as it helps you to determine what you expect from that particular job.

3 – Will the job be sufficient enough to finance your living expenses?

It is important to get some information about the salary package being offered by a particular job offer. Even if there is no information posted about salary in a job posting, there are a number of websites, like Glassdoor, where you can get information regarding salary ranges of that particular job posting.

Some jobs may seem ideal, especially if it’s an entry level job, but it is important to make sure that you can meet your ends with it. In other words, it pays for your living expense.

4 – Are you sure that the commute is worth it?

The commute can be a major pain depending on where you live and where your work is. You may be living an hour away from your work which will mean that it takes you an hour to reach your work and an hour to get back. You must decide whether this is a sacrifice that you are willing to make.

5 – Will you be proud of yourself?

The question is, if you get this job, will you be happy and excited to share this news with your family and friends? If the answer to this is yes, then you are certainly going to enjoy doing that job. However, if the answer is no, then it is definitely not a good sign.

You must make sure if the work, that you will do, will make you feel good about yourself or not.

Things to avoid in a job interview

Job interview is a very crucial moment for a job seeker. Before getting an interview, all the energies of a job seeker, are directed towards resume building and getting an impressive cover letter. Experts are of the opinion that an impressive resume and cover letter will help you to grab a job interview, but from here on your future job depends on your performance in the job interview. A job interview will help you to get the job you are interviewing for.

Usually, job seekers get nervous about the interview and loses the job opportunity due to some trivial mistakes. Avoiding such mistakes can help them avail the job opportunity.

  1. 1.       Being over confident or less in confident:

During the interview process even the experienced and veteran professionals can get themselves stuck in an embarrassing situation by lack of confidence. Lack of confidence can bring them in an awkward state. During the interview, be prepared for the tricky questions or surprises. Face them confidently and rationally. Similarly, few candidates also get over confident in a job interview and spoil their chances. Their overconfidence might seem like arrogance and wrongful attitude. Search out the balance with the combination.

  1. 2.       Being so much “yourself”:

Although it is normally suggested to be yourself in the interview, but experts dare to differ in opinion. Being yourselves attitude will urge you to have your personal standing on the issues which might be different from the interviewer’s opinion. Too much difference is not appreciated by the interviewer. Lying to the interviewer is definitely not suggested here. But try to give ambiguous answers to the issues where your opinion is different from those of the employer.  Try to depict some sort of alignment of your opinion with those of the interviewer.

  1. 3.       Try to stand out than fit in:

Usually candidates try to stand out during the job interview. Remember, it’s not about how good you are but how good you are for the aims and objectives of the organization considering to hire you. Therefore, try to fit into the company’s culture and present yourselves as the problem solver rather than the one who points out at the problems all the time.

  1. 4.       Not gathering enough information about the organization you are getting interviewed:

It’s not a right decision to go on a job interview without sufficient knowledge about the about the company hiring you. Majority interviewers ask about the about themselves. If you fail to answer such question then you are definitely stuck in a trouble. For example, if you are blindly applying for different job vacancies without researching about the employer then your chances of getting the next stage are minimal.

  1. 5.       Fail to satisfy the employer with your answers:

You must be able to answer satisfactorily to the questions posed by the interviewer. For that matter, be well prepared and thoroughly study the post requirement and acquainted themselves with the knowledge require. Be prepared for the possible questions. For example, if the interviewer asks you “do you have any question”? You must be able to come up with a question to satisfy them.

Learning from Experienced Entrepreneurs to Plan for Your Future

Running your own company begins by managing your own little business wisely and learning from them. Nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit while you’re still young is vital for your success in the future, regardless of whether achieving your dream job or having your own enterprise. As an entrepreneur who has handled my own little business projects from time to time, I would say that the strategies are basically the same whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar establishment or operating online. So here are some things that I can share to the many aspiring entrepreneurs as well as the college students who are mapping out their career plans out there.

How do you deal with stress?

There are so many ways on how entrepreneurs dealing with stress can survive their day-to-day operations. The main thing you need to remember all the time, whether running a business or working on your job, is that you can’t handle everything by yourself. You will need to delegate some tasks to your people or outsource them to another company if you want to have more time and energy to focus on what truly matters to your ventures. Since time is precious, you will have to employ a time management strategy that will best suit your personality. And most importantly, you need to take a break when things are starting to become overwhelming for you. Besides, things will be clearer for your mind once you come back from a break.

How do you deal with a business gone wrong?

Failures should help you motivate to do better next time. When you fail, at least you already know one more way how not to do things. You should be able to move on from the disappoint, and as long as you carry with you the lessons learned from that failure, you should be able to create new strategies that will bring you closer to success. Speaking of success, you shouldn’t stop innovating your products and services even if your target market are already patronizing your brand. Sooner or later, a competitor will imitate what you’re offering with something better or your customers will be bored with the same things you give them. In essence, what I’m saying is when you’re experiencing career or entrepreneurship success and failure, you shouldn’t stop learning new strategies and creating fresh ideas.

What’s the best strategy tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

When you want to succeed in the business world, keep in mind that the best tool to have is a simple and effective business strategy. You don’t have to keep things complicated, as all you need to focus on is how you can serve your customers in the best way possible. You may have great ideas for a business, but if your target market can’t find a use for them, then your venture would be useless – unless of course if you can convince them. It’s also a good advice for those who are planning their career. In a way, when you’re pitching an idea for your work, you will have to keep in mind how it would be beneficial to the company as a whole.

Entering the business world may be a daunting thing to do, but if you learn from experienced individuals through their biographies or interviews, you can surely have an edge.

Using A Top Recruiting Agency To Find The Perfect Employment Candidate

The importance of using a good staffing or job search company for casual, contract, temp, part time and full time jobs.

The human resources sector is among the most key departments of all successful companies. A high-quality set of accomplished and hard working workers is the reason behind big companies becoming very successful in the present day business world. This lineup of highly competent employees includes VP’s, managers, supervisors, and mid to lower level personnel. To completely staff a thriving team, it is going to be of immense help to engage the services of a top rated staffing company which is able to help fill a few of the open posts your company may require.

Today, it’s very tough to find an excellent, qualified employee. There’re a set of exact skills which employers are seeking for filling certain posts and an exact criterion to follow for finding the ideal candidate. Is there any better way than making the most of a trustworthy recruitment agency Melbourne that’s well prepared with the correct tools required for finding the ideal candidate to fill pressing and very tough posts? Yes, all successful companies have their personal human resources sector but when they’ve difficulty in filling these open posts they practically always fall back on staffing companies for helping them pursue candidates that they’re able to interview for their post openings.

The Various Kinds of Recruitment Agencies

There’re quite a few kinds of recruitment agencies in Brisbane or employment services in Sydney to pick from when the companies have need of this sort of assistance. A number of staffing companies offer and focus on temp jobs in Melbourne as well as casual, short term and temp Jobs in Sydney. These types of employment services and job search companies also find permanent posts and employees. Regardless of the tenure of the job, there are many ways of choosing to appoint a worker. Some offer short-term projects (also called contracts) which last for one week or as much as three months. Other jobs might last three months and may be seen as a short-term project which may develop into a permanent job based on how the company feels of the quality of the work done by the candidate during the initial months of the assessment period. Employers are also able to find employment and recruitment companies that focus on technical positions, nurses, IT, administration, and lots of other specific types of work. Companies with a surplus of positions requiring to be filled ought to make the most of one of the top recruitment agencies in Melbourne because they’ll not just help you to save a great deal of time but you will also save on advertising costs.

A Recruitment Agency – what are its responsibilities?

Recruitment or employment agencies are the agencies responsible for the complete recruitment procedure from start to end. This means that they’ll worry about the entire process of job posting, screening of resumes, preliminary interview, conducting background checks and reference checks. Having done all these, they’ll also make the offer and negotiate with candidates to relieve your company of that time consuming and difficult task.

Tips While Search Jobs on Portals

Tough to Survive without A Job

In today’s time, surviving without a job is a serious issue. Inflation is very high and if you want to survive and support your family then you need to have a good job in hand. It is very important that you search for some of the websites which can help you find fresher jobs in india. But the search has to be done in the right way. There are certain things you need to keep in mind before you start searching on the internet.

Take Help of Top Job Portals

When you register on job portals, not only you are searching IT jobs for freshers, but even employers are looking  for you. Hence by registering yourself on top website you give companies access to your resume. In the process you are allowing yourself to be found, which is something very good for you. Visit Websites like they will give you some real tips for searching jobs quick.

Lots of companies are searching date provided by top online job portal and if you fit into thecriteria things will be much more simple for you. Keep in mind if you do not play the game, you can never win and hence it is very important that you register on these employment job portal. This will greatly enhance your chance of getting into a good job. Provided you understand the importance of this method. Also you CV has to be attractive and it should mention everything in the right way. You can take some tips online, about how to write your CV.

Tips While Search Jobs on Portals

When you are taking help of search engines for searching jobs you need to keep certain important points in mind, let us have a look at those important points.

1)  You should try search for your job with both singular and plural terms as the results could be different, also you should make use of the acronyms of the company along with the full name.

2) Also search for terms after switching their order, which are connected to your profession

3) Try and use the exact search feature by putting a quote around your text. This will only show you.

4)  exact matches and the results will be very precise.

5) without taking too much of stresses since you already have one job in hand.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the tips above and find your dream job in no time.