11 Tips & Tricks for Interview Preparation

The interview preparations can be divided in two parts, i.e. pre-interview Preparations and Preparations for facing an interview.

Pre-interview Preparation Tips

In this section we shall provide you a few tips to make yourself prepared well before the interview.

  • Do a Research About Your Job Profile/Employer: It’s advisable to do a research about your job profile and Employer, before going for an interview. Visit the website of the company to which, you are going for an interview and note down the key details about the organization and the job profile you have applied for. It will be really useful for your interview.
  • Conduct a Mock Interview Yourself: If possible, go for a mock interview, you can practice it yourself in front of a mirror or with a friend, etc. Prepare a set of questions you are expecting or the common interview questions available on websites and practice to answer these questions.
  • Review the Resume: An interviewer usually asks questions based on what is written in your resume, hence, review your resume once, and be prepared to answer any questions based on your resume. You may also find a point or two for elimination or addition. Also avoid spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.
  • Get Your Things Ready a Day Before: It’s wise to get your entire things ready a day before Interview. It can impact your mood and confidence for the interview, if you waste your time searching the things around same day. To avoid the chaos, place your resume and documents in your bag, get your clothes ironed and shoes ready at night, and understand the route of the venue.
  • Dress for the Occasion: Dress yourself as per the organization culture and your job profile. The formals are the first choice for an office interview. Wear well fitted, clean, and ironed clothes. Use mouthwash, but avoid cigarette, chewing gum, or meal just before an interview.
  • Be Punctual: Understand the route in advance and reach the venue, at least half an hour before the interview. It will help you get adjusted to the settings and environment, which in turn, reduces your anxiety. You can even have a chat with the staff and get an idea about interview schedule, etc.

Tips to Prepare for an Interview
This section will tell you about a few vital tips to be followed for facing an interview.

  • Keep a Pleasant look on Face: Who doesn’t like a well-dressed person with a pleasant smile on face. Hence, try to keep a pleasant and confident look on your face, while you enter the room and greet the interviewers. Try to hold a pleasant look throughout the interview. It looks a tiny thing, but can certainly score, when it comes to impressing an interviewer.
  • Be Confident: It’s quite obvious that you will be a bit nervous. However, the key is how you handle it smartly and pretend to look confident in front of interviewers. If you don’t have an answer, admit it politely, but, don’t let it play on your mind to destroy your concentration and confidence for the rest of the interview. Remember, no interview or job is the last one of the world. So, don’t let the ‘Rejection fear’ take over your confidence.
  • Control bad habits: Try to curve the habits showing your anxiety and nervousness, i.e. playing with a pen or object, looking around, changing postures, movement of hands, and swallowing saliva, etc. An interviewer closely monitors your body language to check your confidence level. Be calm, keep eye contact, and sit up in straight posture with hands still and feet firmly grounded.
  • Ask Questions: You may be told to ask questions about the company, in that case ask questions which show your interest in the job, i.e. things about your job profile or responsibilities, etc. You can even voluntarily ask a question if you have any.
  • Be generous, say thanks: Last but not the least, at the end of your interview, say thanks to the interviewers for inviting you for an interview and being patient with you during the interview, as general courtesy. It leaves a good impression, as it’s not the common practice.

Finally, an interview can be a turning point in your career; hence, if you do a proper homework and practice above things constantly, your interview success rate will certainly boost drastically.